Core Values

We stay professional and pragmatic
and find the best solutions.

Oleg Valioukhov

Founder of Val Interior.,


Val Inrerior’s core values are to create a culture of teamwork and performance; communicate openly and honestly and be commercially competitive whilst providing a premium service. Our core values are integral to our approach to business and define our solid reputation. We achieve these objectives and distinctive competencies by a managed and pro-active approach.



We will never compromise our ethics or our reputation. Integrity is the core attribute of our business and a personal value of every one of our employees. We stand firmly behind what we say and what we do.


The environment is an important part of our business with the use of recycled plasterboards; metal framing and acessories. We ensure the best solution to our waste management and water efficiency on all our site fit-outs and ongoing projects. Being eco-friendly, our core belief and objective is to minimize the total environmental impact which begins at the design stage of the project right through to completion. We strive to reduce water consumption wherever possible during the cleaning of plastering tools through plastering specific wash stations. Our plasterboards are 100% recyclable and a re-usable product, hence reducing land fill and assisting in our carbon footprint.



Every project Val Interior undertakes is meticulously planned and carried out with excellence. We seek out feedback and rigorously apply what we learn to everything we do. We aspire to be market leaders, to stand clear above our competition, and we strive to be exceptional, innovative, tireless and constant in our efforts to improve.



Most clients report that they gain access to good plastering services that don’t last long. It is possible to fall into the trap of a contractor who wants to break your bank by charging you the same amount for a service, which lasts 5 years when it should have lasted more than 20 years. “At VAL INTERIOR, we prescribe materials and offer plastering services that meet the long-term needs of our clients. We understand that our core business is not only to plaster but concentrate on business that leads to customer satisfaction. Therefore we offer durable and long lasting fire-resistant and other services that meet all the requirements of our clients.

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